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Environmental Professionals Postulating

Mar 3, 2017

Steven is joined by Professor Emeritus of Arizona University, Dr. Guy McPherson.  Guy is the worlds leading authority on Abrupt Climate Change leading to Near-term Human extinction. 

Guy believes the Environment will change so rapidly over the coming decade that the Earth will become Mars-like.  Guy speculates that it will be highly unlikely the human species will survive. Steven and Guy cover positive feedback loops that could have already sent the earth past it's tipping point, including the effect of Methane and water vapour in the atmosphere. The science behind the claims and why it's too late to stop the inevitable along with recent news and research articles are highlighted to show the increase of extreme weather events and the records for climate change we (unfortunately) keep breaking.

In the first quarter of the episode, Prof. McPherson does slightly misrepresent the work of Prof. Tim Garrett, for clarification, please listen to Ep 012 - A discussion with Professor Tim Garrett.  For an interview with Science journalist Scott K. Johnson pointing out the downfalls of Guy McPhersons position, check out this episode of the Radio Ecoshock Podcast.  Other criticism can be found here, and here.


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Bruce Wing
over four years ago

Here's a link to Professor McPherson's most succinct aggregation of key amplifying feedbacks. They point to NTHE in short order. Even if you discount liberally, you wind up with a frightening picture. We're not talking about desertification and rising sea levels in, oh, 2100. It's much, much worse.

Jackson Davis
four and a half years ago

Re: Jimbot

And now the Trump administration has moved to abolish the requirement that the oil and gas industry has to report on emissions.

four and a half years ago

Another possibly large and hard to quantify source of methane in the atmosphere is the oil and gas fracking industry.

Jackson Davis
four and a half years ago

Dr. Guy McPherson, is a Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona, and an expert on Human Extinction; that is, he is knowledgeable about the habitat necessary for human survival. As the global average temperature rises above a certain point, it's not that human beings can't live at higher temperatures, but that the plants that we and other animals depend upon for food cannot adapt fast enough and they die out.

Based on these facts, and the abrupt rise in global average temperatures due to the predicted 50 Gigaton bursts or “burps” of methane in the Arctic Ocean this year or within the next two years, Dr. McPherson has recently written an article which includes a timeline for Human Extinction: