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Jun 3, 2017

I had to upload a response to Trumps announcement. Like many environmentalists all over the world, I woke up on Friday morning with a BBC News alert on my phone, informing me of the inevitable decision by President Trump that he is withdrawing the US of A from the Paris Climate Accord.

The United States of America has just joined the other non-Paris signatories, the forward thinking nations of Syria and Nicaragua.

But why is no one asking "will America leaving the Paris agreement be a good thing"?

The truth is the Paris Agreement is just that. A non-binding agreement, in that spirit I look back and asses what the Kyoto Protocol actually achieved, and remind listeners that  realistically, America didn’t have a chance in hell of meeting their Paris target of reducing co2 emissions 26% by 2025.

Perhaps now we have an even greater possibility of global climate action than if the USA stayed in Paris.

Other countries such as the EU and China may accelerate their actions. As Luke and I discussed, other countries could now be legally free under WTO rules to implement more forceful mechanisms such as a carbon tax on US imports.

Why should we, the majority of the global community, drag ourselves down to Trumps level?

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