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Jun 6, 2017

A new study has found that the Alaskan tundra is warming so quickly it has become a net emitter of carbon dioxide.

The melting permafrost contains twice as much carbon as the atmosphere does today suggesting the potential for a positive feedback loop that will accelerate global warming and could kick start abrupt climate change.

For me, this indicates a very alarming tipping point for the earth, that could lead to run away climate change as suggested by an ever growing number of the scientific community.

If you didn’t listen to episode one with Guy McPherson go listen to that now as it’s all about these feedback loops triggering Abrupt Climate Change.  With more information like this coming out almost by the day, I think we’re seeing the early indicators of Abrupt Climate Change.

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Mar 3, 2017

Steven is joined by Professor Emeritus of Arizona University, Dr. Guy McPherson.  Guy is the worlds leading authority on Abrupt Climate Change leading to Near-term Human extinction. 

Guy believes the Environment will change so rapidly over the coming decade that the Earth will become Mars-like.  Guy speculates that it will be highly unlikely the human species will survive. Steven and Guy cover positive feedback loops that could have already sent the earth past it's tipping point, including the effect of Methane and water vapour in the atmosphere. The science behind the claims and why it's too late to stop the inevitable along with recent news and research articles are highlighted to show the increase of extreme weather events and the records for climate change we (unfortunately) keep breaking.

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